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Yes Worms.  But not just any kind of worm.  The ALMIGHTY Red Wiggler worm.  Proper name Eisenia Fetida.  This little joker, and a couple thousand of his friends will do wonders for your garden and ultimately your health if you take care of them with LOVE that is.  Red Wigglers are commonly known as the composting worm.  Also known as VermiComposting.  This friend of ours does soooooo much for the environment and has such a huge impact on the sustainability of agricultural and ecological systems.  

For those who aren't familiar with worm composting, its basically feeding the red wigglers your fruit and veggie scraps to eat and poop.  Yea, I said POOP.  The best poop you're ever gonna come across.  These "worm castings" have so much microbial activity providing the soil and plants with the best chance to produce healthy flowers and fruit.

Some benefits:

1.  Reduces the amount of chemical fertilizers

2.  Reduces the amount of chemical pesticides

3.  Diverts waste from county and municipal landfills

4.  Enhances native soil quality allowing food production in areas once barren

5.  Produces GOOD, HEALTHY Food

With these benefits, who wouldn't want to start composting with worms to boost your food production.  Do some more research on how you can start your own vermicomposting operation at home.  It's a great way to introduce young people to agriculture as well.

"One man's trash is another man's fortune".......(or something like that).  So stop wasting your "GOOD" trash and feed it to your worms to produce that "BLACK GOLD."

Check some of these links and video's to increase your knowledge on worm composting (vermicomposting).  Remember, there are many different ways that people have experimented with vermicomposting and the containers they prefer, so don't be afraid to step outside of the box when choosing to compost with worms.


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