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COMPOST & Compost Products

Craft Compost available in cubic yards.  Compost is made utilizing the thermophillic (HOT) composting  method.  Our Compost is monitored daily to ensure organics standards are met.

Scroll down to see other products that will also enhance your growing space with the application of the proper microbiology.  Compost Community offers a wide array of products that will give your garden and/or pasture the nutritional boost that it needs for strong growth and nutrient dense production.

Compost - Pre-Order 

Pre-Order your Compost for Spring delivery or Pick up.  Prices below have been adjusted for this pre-order special.

Get your compost in bulk for your fall garden or purchase by the bag for a quick amendment or top dress for your food and flowers.


We provide a number of compost based soil amendments to enhance the nutritional profile of your existing soil.  Our compost is created using a recipe of items that are uniform with every pile created to produce a consistent product that works wonders in your growing space.  Your trees, shrubs, vegetable plants, flowers and grasses will love their upgraded nutrient dense amendments.


Power Seed Starting Mix

Sifted Compost


Worm Castings

5 gallon bag of fine sifted craft compost.  Perfect for amending your garden or flower beds.

Power seed starting mix will give your seeds the microbial covering they need for a robust germimation.  Ingredients:  Compost, worm castings, perlite

Worm casting infused compost with double the microbial populations to give your plants the needed nutritional boost they need.


Compost Extract and Compost Tea

Our compost extracts and compost teas are liquid amendments that will enhance the nutrient profile of your fruit trees, vegetables and growing space.  Contact us for rates on liquid amendment applications.

Compost Extract​

Compost Tea​

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