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Compost Community and the Frenchtown Urban Farm is offering produce for Compost Community customers.

Click on the SHOP link to see what the farm has to offer and receive your goodies when your compost bucket is exchanged.

Available to Farmer's Market bucket exchange customers as well.

For greater details, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 850-778-1531 with any questions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Compost Community is no longer taking customers outside of the Capital Circle loop or above I-10.

Compost Pick Up Services

A Curbside Compost Pick Up Service designed to take your food scraps and lawn debris to convert into rich compost.

 Why Compost

There are so many benefits to composting

  • Composting reduces the amount of waste heading to landfills

  • Reduces trash collection costs for cities and municipalities

  • Strengthens plant roots & prevents plant disease

  • Composting Increases the local food supply

  • Composting reduces erosion

  • Composting reduces the effects the climate change through Carbon Sequestration

 How It Works

1) You Sign Up, Get Your Bin

2) Collect Your Food Scraps

3) We Pick Up Weekly

4) You Earn Finished Compost

Note: (finished compost is earned after being in the program for 6 months.

            Fresh compost material shrinks roughly 50% from its original weight

            into finished compost)

Sign Up